A Ballerina’s tale, and the message

Wednesday 14th, A Ballerina’s Tale will come out, influencing young dancers around the world. The star of this documentary is Misty Copeland, principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, the first black women ever to receive this honor. A Ballerina’s Tale will have a profound affect on younger dancers around the world. I decided to do some interviews with dancers my age in my community.

My first interview was with my cousin, Frida, age nine. She has been dancing for nine years and is an accomplished dancer. Her favorite dance move is Acartè. Her role model while she has been dancing is her aunt Katherine, a dancer of thirty years. She believes Misty to be an incredible dancer, and “really pretty!” She also says what being a dancer has taught her is to never give up, even after you fail.

My next interview was with my best friend, Isabella, age thirteen. She has been dancing for around seven years and is an incredible dancer. Her favorite dance move is Cheyenne turns. Her role model was her childhood dance teacher, Laura. She says what being a dancer has taught her is not to try to outdo other dancers, but to outdo herself. She also says that she believes Misty Copeland to be a beautiful, inspiring dancer who takes a stand for diversity in dance culture.


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