Leggo my Legos!

image7What co-op would be complete without a Lego class?  Spread a sheet on the floor, dump a box (or bin, or wheelbarrow) full of Legos on it, and let the kids play.  That’s what Daniel Kibler does every week when he teaches Legos.

“Most of the class has been free play, with some building techniques thrown in, to introduce them to other ways of building with Lego,” Mr.Kibler said.  “I also have some challenge builds I’m going to give them as the semester moves on.  We did ‘highest tower’ last week.”

A few weeks ago in Short Film class, Mr. Kibler again showed his Lego prowess.  He did a presentation in class about a stop motion animation he made—with Legos.  Stop motion, according to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a technique of filming “in which objects…are photographed in a series of slightly different positons so the objects seem to move.”

Mr. Kibler’s film is a black and white Buck Rogers-type space adventure named “Blast Reynolds in: Terror at Moon Base Alpha.”  The movie is about 5 ½ minutes long, but Mr. Kibler said it took three months to film.

The film is up on YouTube, along with some of Mr. Kibler’s other short films.  These include one that actually went “viral.”  Since these films are suited for various audiences, please ask Mr. Kibler if you would like the link.

After the students watched the film, Mr. Kibler answered questions about his filmmaking process, and about how he produced certain effects.  He explained things like:

  • how he set up his studio
  • how many lego “scenes” he had to create
  • what kind of lighting and camera and editing software he used
  • where his studio was(in his garage).
  • how he made a spacecraft levitate
  • how he looped film to make the background seem to zoom by for a long time
  • how he synced vintage music to the action

This presentation left the students itching to film their own masterpieces.  Which they promptly did.

I’m sure many of you love to play with Legos and use them in various ways for homeschooling.  Send in your photos of the Lego creation you’re most proud of and we’ll make a special gallery!  We included Ricky’s—this is his model of a car’s differential.

image1 (4)

The foregoing is merely my opinion. Feel free to comment or correct me below!