Welcome Back Free Range Dragons!

Now that Spring Semester is officially underway, it’s time to welcome all old and new members to Co-op!We hope you had a great Winter Break!

Some of our co-op members recently took a cooking class at Publix Apron’s Cooking School in Mandarin.  Along with homeschoolers from other groups, they learned to cook chicken, make macaroni and cheese and even how to brown the sugary top of crème brûlée.  The class cost $35 each and lasted a few hours and then…LUNCH!


On Tuesday January 12, many members came to our new co-op location to pitch in and help with clean-up.  If you were one of them, our thanks go out to you!  Turn out was so good that day, in fact,  that Wednesday and Friday clean-up days were cancelled.  Many people stopped by on Thursday to finish up the job so everything could be ready for Open House on January 19 and the first day of classes on January 26.


The first day of class was a flurry of activity.  Thanks to the scheduling committee members who worked so hard to make such a varied schedule possible.  Some new features of Spring schedule are the shorter school day (four sessions of 55 minutes each instead of five of 50 minutes each) and the later start time (10 am to 3 pm).  We now have nearly  a full hour for lunch with many restaurants nearby as well as tables set up in our new larger (and echo free!)Free Range Room.

The first week of February was a field trip week with no classes, so many in the group spent Tuesday bowling to their heart’s content.  Hope your winter break was fun, and that you like our new digs.  What are your comments about the new place, the new semester and what else we can do in the way of fun outings and field trips?


The foregoing is merely my opinion. Feel free to comment or correct me below!