Our Homeschool Family

I homeschool two young men who are as different as night and day.  One loves movies so much, he can rattle off production companies and voice actors and previews of his own making nonstop, in a very convincing  TV announcer voice.  The other programs for fun and plays any instrument he can get his hands on.  That is,  when he’s not parkouring all over my furniture.   He recently decided  to go back to high school, after five years of homeschooling.  And then, after five weeks, he decided to come back home again.  Hate to feed into the stereotypes, but there we are.

To me, everyday life is fun and sloppy and full of surprises.

Six people, if you include my two older daughters and my husband, stream in and out of this house on a daily basis. The result is complex, like a six-variable algebraic equation.  It’s not anything I ever expect to figure out, but puzzling through it can be entertaining and exhausting.  Meanwhile I’m getting to watch some pretty super human beings grow up.


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  1. I applaud you. My wife and I also homeschooled our three children from kindergarden all the way through high school; and yes, I think they turned out pretty super, too.

    1. Andrea LeDew says:

      Thanks james! Sounds like you did a fine job yourself! We didnt start till 4th grade with each of our boys. Here standardized testing determines promotion in 3rd and my eldest son didnt make the cut. By the time my second took the test and aced it, i was fed up with tests and ieps. I yanked the eldest out one year and his brother the next. Havent looked back–well except for five weeks last fall! See Going Home post! Look forward to checking out your blog!

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