Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The title may be cliche, but I can think of nothing truer about homeschooling.  You have to grab the opportunities (for learning) as they come.  And man, they are coming fast and furious!

I am, of course, referring to our new President and everything that has occurred in this past year or two.  I know I am about to step into  a minefield, but I will try to stay as nonpolitical as I can.  The good news is, the news cycle is brimming with opportunities for learning, especially in the area of American Government.  All we have to do is  pay a little attention.

If you should find yourself at a loss for topics to cover in American Government, here are just a few that spring to mind:

  • What’s the difference between the popular vote and the electoral college vote?  Or as my son so aptly put it , “Why do we have an electoral college anyway?”
  • How do we keep secrets secret in government?  Is a person who tells a secret a whistle-blower, or a traitor?
  • How should people in government use the instantaneous media of today?  Are concerns today different than in the past?
  • What’s an executive order and how does it differ from a law?  Why have Obama and Trump signed so many?
  • When we talk about “equal protection” under the constitution, who is protected and who is not? Why?
  • Why are there three branches of government, and is any one more important than another?
  • What would your student look for in a Supreme Court Justice, if it was his or her choice to make?
  • Who is “the press” today, and what is its role  in our society?  Is it doing its job well?
  • What kinds of logical fallacies should we look for in news, social media, and governmental  or political communications to avoid being fooled?  Should we believe everything we hear?

I know there will be students out there who will greet these questions with a yawn.  But at least you won’t run out of material.  That is the beauty of living in interesting times.

Happy learning!


The foregoing is merely my opinion. Feel free to comment or correct me below!