Eclipse (Poem)

This time last year,

My son slept on the couch;

My girl was inconsolable;

My husband, just as much.


This time last year,

I hobbled on a cane;

I struggled with the staircase;

My kids drove me insane.


This time last year,

I got no sleep at all;

My son was throwing I-Pads,

Leaving vomit in the hall.


This time last year,

My son was hating school;

My other son was arguing:

Now, silence is the rule.


Oh, but I was pure, and I was doing it alone!

How my pride would swell as I looked ‘round my messy home!

No meds for my bouncy boy! Too many meds for me;

You had to wheel me ‘round the park, a babe in infancy.


This time last year

I wondered if I’d walk.

But now the sun is gleaming bright:

My joy has just eclipsed the night—

If only my boy spoke.

The foregoing is merely my opinion. Feel free to comment or correct me below!