Mayday (to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep) (poem)

Ha ha, Florida,

What’s that in your pool?

Tree limbs, tree limbs,

Thirty bags full.


Ten from the windstorm,

Ten from the rain,

Ten from the flooding—

Look how high it came!


Virgin Islands,

Puerto Rico, too,

Blown and washed away,

Nothing left for you.


Life without water

Or electric lights,

Generators failing,

Looting in the night.


US citizens,

First and second class:

Lost in a big sea

Or contiguous.


We need your help, Sir,

Though you come too late.

Then pay what you owe me:

You should’ve been a state.


Ha ha, Mayor,

Raging in your fear:

Mayday, Mayday,

We are dying here.


Copyright Andrea LeDew 2017

The foregoing is merely my opinion. Feel free to comment or correct me below!