Enlightenment (Ode to Sir Thomas Browne)

Six editions,

Whilst you lived!

A scientist

In your day,


(Or, Natural



Vulgar Errors:


You showed a toad

Would eat a spider,

Rather than duel

In poisons;


You cast doubt

On the unicorn,




You coined exotic

Words from Latin:

Called things

What they were.


So modern a man,

So new, this creed:

To learn by



And yet,

When called

To testify, you did.

Against a witch.


For both

Your observation

And your faith



She was.




Copyright Andrea LeDew 2017

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  1. Andrea LeDew says:

    The poem above owes its inspiration and factual content to the nice article on the subject in JSTOR Daily today, 10/26/17 available in Word Press Reader as well as on its website at the link that follows. It is called Sir Thomas Browne’s Vulgar Errors, by Matthew Wills. Very Interesting. https://daily.jstor.org/sir-thomas-brownes-vulgar-errors/

    Thank you again for a fascinating and unique look into an unfamiliar topic, JSTOR Daily!

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