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My name is Andrea LeDew. My blog is a mixture of poetry, short stories and essays. I usually write two to three posts a week. My five latest posts are at the end of this newsletter, latest first.

I wrote three poems this week and added two more unpublished poems, for a total of five. I had submitted the first two poems for publication elsewhere, but they were sadly not selected. :( I hope you enjoy them.

My first poem (the most recent) is called Hive Mind. It's about the way we behave on the internet as a group. Which, in general, is not very well.

My second poem is called Immune. It concerns itself with COVID's effect on our mental health. Not in terms of brain fog or other symptoms of long COVID, but in terms of compassion for others, or the casual acceptance of mass casualties.

My third poem, Mother First, is a sweet little catalog of images related to motherhood. I hope it will help you relive your own experiences in this regard, imagine your hopes for the future, or assess your enjoyment of the children of others, whom you are perfectly happy to leave behind, when you go.

My fourth poem this week is called Burning Flags. It's bit of a legal tongue lashing of the think tanks and the legislators who, rather than creating their own legislation, adopt the think tanks' suggestions word-for-word. The strategy seems to be smash and grab: Get legislation on the books, and worry about the Supreme Court and all those inalienable rights later on.

My fifth poem is called No Time. It's about our inability to find the time, to do the things we should be doing. But if you haven't got the time to read it...:)

Let me know how I've done--it's always so interesting to hear how people react, to what I've written.

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Hive Mind

This poem imagines the hive mind, or what Star Trek lovers will recognize as "the Borg".  I first heard the expression "hive mind," when I listened to the Ezra Klein podcast, The Ezra Klein Show, when he was interviewing Cal Newport, author of A World Without Email.  Transcript of podcast.  Cal Newport seemed to suggest that many of our …

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This poem reflects on what the bizarre phenomenon of COVID has done to our mental health.  I know my sense of security has been knocked down a peg or two!  Constant worry is not a recipe for tranquility.  And isolation is not natural, to us social beings. I hope you all are safe and continuing to vigilantly guard your …

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Mother First

This is a nostalgic look back at the many sides of motherhood.  A toast to all the mothers out there and all they do!  Thanks for coming by to read. Waking at a whimper. Nursing in the night. Like my mother's mother's mother Did, by candlelight. Picking up the messes. Dressing girls and boys. Combing tangled …

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Burning Flags

I remember long ago reading about a case, where a man burnt an American flag in protest.  It took place outside Dallas City Hall, during Reagan's Republican National Convention in Dallas in 1984.  The man was arrested for desecrating the American flag, and appealed his case up to the Supreme Court. The case was Texas vs. Gregory Lee Johnson, …

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No Time

And now, for a poem about our constant battle, to try to find the time to do things.  And a suggestion, as to why it is so hard.  Hope you are more successful at it, than I! Thanks you coming by to read! Who's got time for poetry? And who's got time for love? Who's got time for …

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