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More travel posts this week, this time with pictures. I have two installments--Windsor and Great Dixter, in reverse order below. This continues my series Travelogue England April-May 2023, about the three-week trip I recently took to the South of England with my husband.

I'm quite amazed at how difficult it is, not only to gather together memories for a travel piece, but then to select the pictures, which seem most suited to the content, and then download them and reduce their size in terms of data, so as not to drag the site to a complete halt.

I have gone for so long, using only a single picture for each post, that I had forgotten the time it takes to really share, with multiple photos.

I hope the result is worth the effort, yours and mine! Anyway I am happy to have these mementoes to cherish as the memories fade away. Enjoy your week and I'll try to share about Sissinghurt and maybe Hastings or Rye next week.

FYI: Each segment is about 1,000-1200 words, so a bit longer than my regular fare. Not for the faint of heart!

Happy reading!



Travelogue England April-May 2023: Great Dixter

View of Great Dixter House from the garden in late April. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This travel post describes a visit to Great Dixter, a garden created by Christopher Lloyd, in East Sussex, England.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Windsor

Statue of Queen Victoria before Windsor Castle, Windsor England. Copyright Andrea LeDew
This post describes a visit to Windsor England in Spring of 2023.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: The Flight

View out a plane window as the sun is just beginning to make color on the horizon at sunrise. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This travel piece describes an eight-hour plane flight to England from Orlando, Florida.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Adventure

Beware of Venomous Snakes Warning Sign on chain link fence at rest stop on the way to Orlando. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This travel post explains why a trip to England after such a long period of being grounded, felt like an adventure.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Introduction

Jane Austens House from the road. It is a thatched roof brick house with wisteria and UK penants for the coronation. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This post introduces a series of posts about a trip to England in April and May of 2023 by explaining what went before.

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