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I don't think I announced last week the big news: I got an email from Florida Writer's Association, saying they accepted my poem "Narrow" in their upcoming anthology "Secrets." It came in fourth out of the sixty works accepted, which included both short stories and poems. This validation is just what my fragile ego needed!

When I announced it on Facebook, everyone, both among my personal friends, Jax area writers and artists and on FWA's page, was so supportive. I was on Cloud Nine for a week!

As a result of being spoiled in this way, the current lack of activity on my feed feels almost lonesome (sniff!)

This week we are back to poems. Those travel posts wore me out. Too many pictures! Too many words!

This week is a bit more bite-sized. I have two poems for you, one written or at least birthed while I was still in England. The other is a tongue-in-cheek, complaining poem that I could imagine coming out of the mouths of babes (or at least entitled young adults.)

The first is called Nostalgia. It talks about the nineteenth-century interest in medieval lore, at least partially inspired by Sir Walter Scott, and the possible ramifications of that interest.

The second is called Silver Spoon for obvious reasons, though it could as easily apply to my own generation as to the next, since we all pale in comparison to the more hard-working and deprived generations that went before.

Hope you enjoy them both!

Happy reading!




The castle entrance seen from the iron gate with a backwards illuminated initial "B." Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem contemplating the effect of myth on history.

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Silver Spoon

Stuffed lamb mascot from South Lodge Spa and Hotel in England, sitting atop a cushy pillow. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
An ungrateful poem.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Great Dixter

View of Great Dixter House from the garden in late April. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This travel post describes a visit to Great Dixter, a garden created by Christopher Lloyd, in East Sussex, England.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Windsor

Statue of Queen Victoria before Windsor Castle, Windsor England. Copyright Andrea LeDew
This post describes a visit to Windsor England in Spring of 2023.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: The Flight

View out a plane window as the sun is just beginning to make color on the horizon at sunrise. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This travel piece describes an eight-hour plane flight to England from Orlando, Florida.

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