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I hope you will forgive me for taking a week or two off from the newsletter. This time of year lends itself to minivacations. I have also been waylaying some of my poetry and sending it off first to see if anyone would care to publish it. So I'm holding a little back at your expense.

This week I'm trying my hand once again at the travel post. It's called Beginnings, for short, as it deals with the first day or two of our organized tour.

I hope you will enjoy my rendition of our continued travels, if only for the lovely spots you get to see in my pictures while thumbing through the words.

Hope your summer is as lazy and enjoyable as mine so far. Stay cool!

Happy reading!



Travelogue April-May 2023: Beginnings of the Stately Homes Tour

Fireside Table set for ding at Standen
This travel post talks about several days spent touring destinations in England in April-May 2023, including Hastings, Rye, Polesdon Lacey, Standen and South Lodge Hotel and Spa.

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A rainbow bouquet of tulips on a nightstand. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about the fight for inclusion and resistance to it.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Sissinghurst

Top of the tower at SIssinghurst with family crest flag blowing in the wind and weather vane. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A description of a visit to Sissinghurst Garden in the South of England in late April 2023.

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The castle entrance seen from the iron gate with a backwards illuminated initial "B." Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem contemplating the effect of myth on history.

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Silver Spoon

Stuffed lamb mascot from South Lodge Spa and Hotel in England, sitting atop a cushy pillow. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
An ungrateful poem.

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