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Sorry for the long absence. We have had some very hot weather and writing more travel posts was not at the top of my list. I am trying to complete this series, which I hope is not boring you utterly. I am writing poems as well, but just holding onto them in case there is a home I can find for them.

In the next few weeks they are opening the submissions call for Jax by Jax so I will probably submit to that local gathering. I have attended a few times but never been asked to read. So we'll see.

I am waiting on a few submissions now, one story and otherwise poetry, including a chapbook competition. But I don't expect to hear anything until well into September on them, and nothing on the chapbook (which is a longshot anyway) until April.

I went to a few FWA meetings, one was about the Hero's Journey with local editor and writer John Boles, and the other was Jennifer Swanson, a science writer for middle grades, giving a presentation on social media participation for writers.

Both were very instructive and fun. Since I went to school to get an English major focused on literature rather than creative writing, and then went on to further muddy the waters with a year abroad in Germany, three years in law school (unlearning my English major bad habits) and three more years working as a lawyer, I'm not all that familiar with the standard creative writing curriculum.

I'm often surprised at the assumptions made and rules proposed. This reminds me of the rigid rules taught by the legal writing faculty so many years ago.

Having already once nurtured and then nearly destroyed my ability to write, I don't intend to torture it again, tender plant that it is. So everything I hear from any camp, I take with a grain of salt. I'm writing for me, now.

Today's post is another travel piece, this time about visiting the Brighton Pavilion on the southern shore of England. It is the latest in my series about our trip to South England in April-May 2023. At this rate I may be finished by Christmas!

This current post must have at least twenty-five photos. It takes hours to painstakingly arrange them, even with my relatively sparse text. But the idea of forgetting it all is more painful than the work at hand.

Hope you enjoy the post and pictures, whether or not the building and its contents and its dizzying patterns are to your taste! If you have been taking a break over the summer, scroll on down or hop around on the website and see if you missed anything! I'd love to hear about your travels, too!

Hope your summer is going well too! Stay cool!



Travelogue South England Trip April-May 2023: Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

Luxuriant red and gold curtains Brighton Pavilion. Copyright Andrea LeDew
A travel post about a trip to Brighton Pavilion in May 2023. One of many travel posts from our three week trip.

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Travelogue South England Trip: Parham House and Petworth House

Portraits on a wall in Parham House. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
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Travelogue April-May 2023: Beginnings of the Stately Homes Tour

Fireside Table set for ding at Standen
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A rainbow bouquet of tulips on a nightstand. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about the fight for inclusion and resistance to it.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Sissinghurst

Top of the tower at SIssinghurst with family crest flag blowing in the wind and weather vane. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A description of a visit to Sissinghurst Garden in the South of England in late April 2023.

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