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It's very late on Sunday and I'm very late in getting this newsletter out which I try to post Saturday mornings. So it's short and sweet this time.

My post for you is very long, but it's mostly pictures, which I hope you will enjoy. It's a visit to Arundel Castle in the South of England. This Castle has been continuously occupied, more or less, by the Dukes of Norfolk and is an experience halfway between a museum and a manor house/ fairytale castle.

I very much enjoyed this stop after which we moved our stuff to the Isle of Wight, at least partially to put a body of water between us and the coronation hooplah going on on the mainland.

Not much going on writer-wise. I'm still waiting to hear on some submissions and plodding along with my current work in progress.

I did go to a fiction workshop today which was very interesting and fun. I also made a decision this week not to table at the Florida Writer's Association Convention in October though I plan to attend. I had reserved a table but I don't really have anything to put on it, so I let the next person on the waiting list have it. Maybe next year.

A little concerned about the hurricane headed across the gulf this week...Hope things are less interesting whereever you are! Stay cool!



Travelogue South England April-May 2023 Arundel Castle

Face of Arundel castle looking up from path. Copyright Andrea LeDew
This travel post describes and provides photos of the highlights of a visit to Arundel Castle in the South of England in May 2023.

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Travelogue South England Trip April-May 2023: Brighton’s Royal Pavilion

Luxuriant red and gold curtains Brighton Pavilion. Copyright Andrea LeDew
A travel post about a trip to Brighton Pavilion in May 2023. One of many travel posts from our three week trip.

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Travelogue South England Trip: Parham House and Petworth House

Portraits on a wall in Parham House. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A travel post about my trip to Parham House and Petworth House on our tour of South England.

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Travelogue April-May 2023: Beginnings of the Stately Homes Tour

Fireside Table set for ding at Standen
This travel post talks about several days spent touring destinations in England in April-May 2023, including Hastings, Rye, Polesdon Lacey, Standen and South Lodge Hotel and Spa.

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A rainbow bouquet of tulips on a nightstand. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about the fight for inclusion and resistance to it.

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