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My name is Andrea LeDew. My blog is a mixture of poetry, short stories and essays. I usually write two to three posts a week. My five latest posts are at the end of this newsletter, latest first.

I managed to finish three poems this week. I hope you enjoy them.

I'm finally starting to get over this nasty bug I've had all week. It has left my head in a fog, totally unsuitable for most purposes. We'll see, whether it was unsuitable for poetry as well.:)

My first poem in the lineup (the most recent) is called Allowed. It rejoices in the new-found freedoms of living in a fully-vaccinated, and presumably, COVID-free world. (The jury is still out on that part.)

My second poem is called A Healthy Distrust. It talks about how skeptically we view government, these days. It takes the point of view of the influencer, who, for the purpose of furthering his or her own self-interest or popularity, manipulates people, by preying upon their distrust of "the Man." Might remind you of some prominent people in the news.

Finally, I gave birth to a poem, called Space Babies. It takes us on a trip down Memory Lane, to the age of the Space Race. It recollects how it felt, to grow up in those times, as opposed to these. Hope it rings some bells for those old enough to remember, and that all of you enjoy the trip!

Let me know how I've done--it's always so interesting to hear, how people react to what I've written.

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Have a great week!


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I recently read an article in the German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, "Endlich Loslegen, #nachCorona."  (Translation: Finally getting started again, #afterCovid.) It describes the kinds of predictions people made on German Twitter, under the hashtag #nachCorona (after Corona) about what they would do after COVID died down.  At least, to the point, that it no longer interfered with normal …

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A Healthy Distrust

I recently saw an interview in which someone commented, that "a healthy distrust of government" stemmed from the era of Nixon and Watergate. Shocked at the abuse of power, Liberals believed the press, and an informed populace, were the true checks on a politician's limitless ambition.  Distrust was considered a core tenet of liberal politics, and over the years, …

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Space Babies

This poem was inspired by a TV interview with Jeff Shesol, the author of "Mercury Rising," a book about the space program in the US. As he talked about John Glenn's orbital mission (1962) being the starting point of his book, I realized, that many Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) were born or were tiny children around that time. They …

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Looking South

This poem was inspired by a heart-wrenching story in the New York Times out of Lima Peru, in which they described the plight of a fifty-year-old man, whose family fell prey to COVID in the month of May 2021.  The epidemic is still running rampant in South America, where vaccines are very hard to get.  I have even read …

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The Racket

This poem complains about the constant noise of modern life, and the incessant and often trivial demands for our attention.  Sometimes, we just need to turn it all off.  Wishing you relief,  in this time of noise and bluster!  For those who don't know, Walter Cronkite was a news anchor on CBS in the seventies when I was growing …

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