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My name is Andrea LeDew. My blog is a mixture of poetry, short stories and essays. I usually write two to three posts a week. My five latest posts are at the end of this newsletter, latest first.

I managed to finish four poems this week. I hope you enjoy them.

My first poem (the most recent) is called Shifting. It's a reaction to the terrible condominium accident in South Florida this week. It is not specific to that particular occasion, but points generally, toward our tendency to be complacent about our own safety, in a world that is much more dangerous and unpredictable, than we give it credit for.

My second poem is called Empty Nester and depicts the moment when you suddenly realize, that all of your kids are about to leave the nest, and you ponder what that means for you.

My third poem is called Disentangling, and talks about dealing with a multitude of concerns or individual tasks, each of which requires you to do other tasks, before tackling the first. Modern life, in other words.:)

Finally, I wrote a poem called Without a Thought. It is about the impalpable, yet invaluable concept of privacy, and the impact our modern conveniences, and our lackadaisical attitude, have upon it. Finally, it speculates about what eroded privacy would mean, for society as we know it.

Let me know how I've done--it's always so interesting to hear, how people react to what I've written.

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This poem was, of course, inspired by the terrible condominium accident this week in Surfside, Florida, North of Miami Beach.  A tall multistory building collapsed in the wee hours of the morning.  At least four were killed and  many more are missing (at last count 159.) The collapse was caught on film from several angles and calls to mind …

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Empty Nester

This poem describes the end of the kid stage of parenthood and the status that follows, called being an Empty Nester. Hope you enjoy it! So this is what it's like, To nearly be An empty nester. No longer, do The chicks line up And follow, single file. The goslings grow Their feathers out, No longer soft as …

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This poem strives to convey the notion of having a lot on your mind.  My husband has always talked about this sense of overburdened panic as a box of Christmas lights, which you have to patiently go through, one by one, checking all the bulbs, untangling all the knots, until at the end, you finally have something to string …

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Without a Thought

This one's pretty self-explanatory.  Describing our Brave New World, to borrow from a famous title. Thanks for coming by to read! We wake in peace. We dress in peace. We eat, with mediocrity. We tend to needs, unspeakable, Without a thought to privacy. We read a book With opaque brains. We drive, at high velocity. We ramble …

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I recently read an article in the German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, "Endlich Loslegen, #nachCorona."  (Translation: Finally getting started again, #afterCovid.) It describes the kinds of predictions people made on German Twitter, under the hashtag #nachCorona (after Corona) about what they would do after COVID died down.  At least, to the point, that it no longer interfered with normal …

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