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My name is Andrea LeDew. My blog is a mixture of poetry, short stories and essays. I usually write two to three posts a week. My five latest posts are at the end of this newsletter, latest first.

I wrote three new poems this week.

My first poem (the most recent) is called Appetite. It talks about how cruel and inconsiderate it is of COVID, to deprive us of our favorite vice--overeating--by making it a risk factor for severe consequences of the disease.

My second poem is called Returning Boots. This is my take on the withdrawal from Afghanistan by the US, which took place in the weeks leading up to August 31, 2021.

My third poem is called Sweet Sixteen, and it depicts the devastation following the wild arrival of Category 4 Hurricane Ida , so close to New Orleans, on the sixteenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a storm of similar impact.

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In this tongue-in-cheek, yet macabre poem, I complain about how COVID-19 seems to target those who, like myself, have a weakness for overeating.  This is me, stomping my feet, in protest.  It seems particularly harsh, that we should, in our own best interest, cut back on eating, now.  At a time when there is precious little else to do, as …

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Returning Boots

I wrote this poem after listening to a recent interview on MSNBC Morning Joe with two veterans, about their reactions to the recent pull-out from Afghanistan, completed on August 31, 2021.  One veteran was the head of Team Rubicon and the other was teaching a class on 9/11 to college students. Some of the comments of the two veterans …

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Sweet Sixteen

I wrote this poem after watching images of the appalling aftermath of Hurricane Ida.  Please be generous to those in need.   Thanks for coming by to read. The ocean came to visit For our anniversary, And it will be a long, long time Before she'll go away. The stilted houses by the marsh Were wading to their …

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Superior Haunting

This poem is a love song to my sister.  She and my brother and I recently went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, along Lake Superior, for a scattering of my parent's ashes. When people live far away, it's easy to slide into a habit of benign neglect.  To fail to call.  To fail to visit.  We hurt people …

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In the Gray

A simple early morning poem, for those of you who like to wake up early.  And, for those of you who wake up early, despite your best intentions. Thanks for stopping by to read. Nice and hot, And mostly white, You chase away  The shades of night, And bitterly, Replace my fear With some more cheerful Atmosphere. …

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