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My name is Andrea LeDew. My blog is a mixture of poetry, short stories and essays. I usually write two to three posts a week. My five latest posts are at the end of this newsletter, latest first.
This week I have a short story (around 3300 words) called Twisting Wrenches, about the love of the older generation for cars, and the younger generation for their phones and laptops. It's set in a college auditorium.

I also have a dark poem called Something, which is about fear.
Fear of what, I suppose, depends on the person. We had a terrible scare in our house this week, when my son had to get tested for COVID. Thankfully it turned out to be only the flu. Of course, the flu is now taking a lap or two around the house. Miserable, but preferable to the alternative.

Finally I have a tribute to our six-legged summer visitors, Cicadas. As summer ever so slowly fades away, so does their song. In this part of the world, anyway.

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Twisting Wrenches

I thought I'd make a change from poetry for once and share a longer short story (3332 words). I wrote this story inspired by someone's dream, though it turned out differently than they dreamed it. I borrowed the idea of the class from two University of Dayton Professors I saw recently on CSPAN, discussing their class on cars in …

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Don't know where this dark poem came from.  Perhaps it comes from having to take my college-aged son to get a COVID test this week, and the fear associated with potentially having that presence in the house.  Despite our having been vaccinated and having done everything humanly possible, to keep it out. I was also watching Agatha Christie's Miss …

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I'm sure many of you hear the cicadas every night and well into the daytime, this time of year.  For those of you who aren't on such familiar terms with these insects, they are large, mostly invisible singing creatures who live in the trees and their combined chorus can be be almost deafening.  When they are silent, you know …

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In this tongue-in-cheek, yet macabre poem, I complain about how COVID-19 seems to target those who, like myself, have a weakness for overeating.  This is me, stamping my feet, in protest.  It seems particularly harsh, that we should, in our own best interest, cut back on eating, now.  At a time when there is precious little else to do, …

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Returning Boots

I wrote this poem after listening to a recent interview on MSNBC Morning Joe with two veterans, about their reactions to the recent pull-out from Afghanistan, completed on August 31, 2021.  One veteran was the head of Team Rubicon and the other was teaching a class on 9/11 to college students. Some of the comments of the two veterans …

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