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It's not that I didn't write at all, this week. But it was a week of unfinished business.

After carting my son back to school following his negative COVID test, his brother and I began to come down with the flu ourselves. And such a persistent and nasty flu it was, that I was still sick, a week later. And I decided we'd better get a COVID test, just in case we got it from someone else besides my other son. Thankfully, we were both negative.

I am only now starting feel close to normal and my poor, sick son is still sleeping the days away.

Good thing most flu bugs cannot be caught by email.

Then, on top of everything else, my site went down. I only just now, on Friday late afternoon, after three days down, regained control. If bad luck comes in threes, I guess I'm still due for one more...

Anyway, hopefully next week I'll have more to show for my time. There are some more short stories in the works which perhaps I'll publish episodically, soon. I didn't feel a bit poetic this week, for some reason.

I hope you are steering clear of both COVID and all those nasty little viruses that developed, while we were living as hermits.

The upshot of all this is, that you will find the same content down below as last week. So feel free to look around the site, or skip the week, as I have done.

Have a great week!


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Twisting Wrenches

I thought I'd make a change from poetry for once and share a longer short story (3332 words). I wrote this story inspired by someone's dream, though it turned out differently than they dreamed it. I borrowed the idea of the class from two University of Dayton Professors I saw recently on CSPAN, discussing their class on cars in …

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Don't know where this dark poem came from.  Perhaps it comes from having to take my college-aged son to get a COVID test this week, and the fear associated with potentially having that presence in the house.  Despite our having been vaccinated and having done everything humanly possible, to keep it out. I was also watching Agatha Christie's Miss …

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I'm sure many of you hear the cicadas every night and well into the daytime, this time of year.  For those of you who aren't on such familiar terms with these insects, they are large, mostly invisible singing creatures who live in the trees and their combined chorus can be be almost deafening.  When they are silent, you know …

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In this tongue-in-cheek, yet macabre poem, I complain about how COVID-19 seems to target those who, like myself, have a weakness for overeating.  This is me, stamping my feet, in protest.  It seems particularly harsh, that we should, in our own best interest, cut back on eating, now.  At a time when there is precious little else to do, …

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Returning Boots

I wrote this poem after listening to a recent interview on MSNBC Morning Joe with two veterans, about their reactions to the recent pull-out from Afghanistan, completed on August 31, 2021.  One veteran was the head of Team Rubicon and the other was teaching a class on 9/11 to college students. Some of the comments of the two veterans …

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