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My name is Andrea LeDew. My blog is a mixture of poetry, short stories and essays. I usually write two to three posts a week. My five latest posts are at the end of this newsletter, latest first.

I wrote two new poems this week.

My first poem (the most recent) is called Panic and Euphoria. Its about how the stock market rises as do the COVID numbers, and how our own suffering now comes from our earlier irrational exuberance.

My second poem is called Puzzled. It is about doubting yourself and your output, and wondering whether you could have been more productive, given the proper motivation.

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Panic and Euphoria

This poem came from reading the financial pages, where I first heard the phrases, "panic and euphoria" and "fiscal corsets."  A panic, of course, is when the stock market drops dramatically because everyone is selling and trying to get out of their overpriced investments.  Euphoria is the giddiness we feel when we get a windfall, or something unexpected happens, …

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This poem came in a moment of discouragement, when I was imagining ,how much more I might have done with my many years, had I only set my mind to it. And wondering, whether I might have worked harder or faster, had I been more acutely aware of my own mortality.  Such topics lend themselves to melodrama.  So, sorry if …

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This poem is full of figures.  We have become consumed with watching the numbers, especially since the Delta variant came into our lives. I came up with the idea for this poem, while watching an hour-long question and answer session on the Delta Variant on MSNBC.  Many of the figures are lifted from that conversation. Ninety-three million …

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This poem criticizes those that go around with blinders on, ignoring reality, at the price of endangering those they love.   Thanks for coming by to read. Let's pretend that it's normal, That things are okay, And that masks and vaccines Are not needed, today. Let's say, that we're safe, And pretend that we're fine, And not worry, how …

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As Dumb As Ever

A little tongue-in-cheek humor, based on a comment by sports commentator, Mike Lupica.  He wrote an article in the New York Daily News called Kirk Cousins' comment on COVID-19 protocol is exactly why every athlete should get vaccinated. Worth a read, if you want a strong refutation of the popular "personal choice" argument against getting vaccinated. The first …

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