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I wrote two poems this week, and did almost nothing on my longer project, distracted as usual by life.

The first poem is called Promise. It is a poem about a very special garden, just as it is coming into its own in the lovely fall Florida weather.

The second poem, This Way, is a bit more political. As I may have warned you before, I tend to lean a little left of center, though not much. This poem is written as a call to arms, or at least to action, voiced by a member of that band of "Patriots" who stormed the Capitol last January. The poem is meant to be very tongue in cheek, that is, I do not support the cause that the poem seems to advocate.

Everyone gets busy during the holidays, and I'm sure this year will be no different. I hope you will continue to read, visit, comment and share as much as your own schedule permits. I really do enjoy the feedback and love hearing new voices!

Hope all is well with you, and many thanks for your continued readership and support.

Have a great week!


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Unripe passion flower hanging on a vine. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes a garden I just visited in November in Florida. Fall is one of two extremely prolific growing seasons in Florida, the other being Spring. Each holds its own delights. Hope you enjoy this tapestry. Thanks for coming by to read! Globular yellow fruit, Pendant and raw, Puddles of passionfruit Drip down my jaw. Mounting the camphor tree, …

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This Way

This Way
This poem is a political one, fair warning. It just seems to me, that things are becoming more and more unhinged as time goes on, with unthinkable things happening daily. A crowd of immigrants on the Belarus border getting frostbite because Poland won't let them in, because, according to Poland, Belarus staged this humanitarian crisis to get back at the …

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White orchid on a kitchen table in front of calendars and a whiteboard. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is in the form of a benediction or blessing. I imagine it recited in an Irish accent, for some reason. Something like the Serenity Prayer, I suppose. Anyway, hope you enjoy this overdue salute, to the sacrifices of all the moms out there, trying to raise kids of whatever age. Thanks for coming by to read. God bless …

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A somewhat pixelated closeup of a small bouquet of marigolds and zinnias. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem came, as I was preparing to go to the funeral of a dear relative's parent. I could not help but recall previous funerals and memorial gatherings, with the same set of people. One of these, of course, was my mother's. My mother had many virtues, but she was one of those people, to whom apologies come as second …

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Resilience VIII

A full moon ( or nearly) through a window at dusk. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This final episode in Resilience, Episode VIII, sees the boys and Mom at the end of the day, at their camp near the river. Hope you have enjoyed this series! For the rest of the series, visit Resilience I, Resilience II, Resilience III, Resilience IV, Resilience V, Resilience VI and Resilience VII. Thank you for coming by to read! Back …

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