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Winter Holiday Posts Issue 2021
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November 2021

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Winter Holiday Posts from

For Random

Learning Comes

Fire Escape

{This is a response to Friday Fictioneers, but also a response to the events of the week.  "Tristesse" (Etude, Op.10, No. 3) is a beautiful piece, written for piano by the Polish composer who spent much of his short life in France, Frédéric Chopin.  The meaning of the word in French is "sadness."  A friend of mine, who is …

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{Here's a rather political poem for a rather political holiday season.  Pardon me, as I recount (and re-gift) some of the more unwelcome gifts our country has received in 2019, courtesy of one particular Scrooge, whose favorite color appears to be a very Christmas-y green.  Please try to enjoy the rest of this crazy year.  And thanks for coming by …

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{This is my response to the photo prompt of the week for Friday Fictioneers.  Thanks for the prompt and for coming by to read!} When Matilda and Lars, ten years married, arrived at the bed-and-breakfast, the road seemed rocky and bare. The falling mercury, snow’s harbinger, tantalized and tingled their flesh.  White Christmas lights beckoned, from the long …

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Christmas This Year (2020)

Hope the holiday season is treating you well this year.  Or at least as well as can be expected, in a year where everything else seems to be going wrong.  I was touched by an item in the news this week, meant for the tenderest ears, and I could not resist making a rhyme about it.  I hope …

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At Christmas

When I wrote this poem, I was contemplating how strange this Christmas season seems.  How different, from all the previous Christmases.  I cannot bring myself to buy a Christmas tree, to bake cookies, to play carols.  I hesitate to celebrate, as if to do so might invite disaster.  This pandemic came thick upon the heels of my father's passing, …

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A Rose in Winter

I'm sure many of you have found yourself at the bedside of a loved one this year gone by, either actually or in your thoughts,  wishing them a speedy recovery.   I am sorry to say that on this New Year's Day,  we are in that situation.  I wrote this poem in the hopes that all will be well in …

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The Next Best Thing to Snow (Short Story)

It was December and Lulu was feeling sorry for herself.  Of all the places her parents could have picked to move to at Christmas, Florida had to be the worst. No ice skating.  No hurtling down hills on a toboggan.  No hot chocolate hayrides through a frozen cranberry bog, or cross-country skiing.  No snowshoeing through the fluffy white.  No snowmen …

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{In this poem I play with the contrast between two types of wine I was introduced to, while traveling in Germany and Austria.  Heurige (from heute, meaning "today,) is a wine that is made as soon as the first grapes are ready.  Eiswein (Ice Wine) is made of the grapes that have been left on the vines until first …

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Looking at the camellias that are blossoming and dropping their moppy heads everywhere these days, I was reminded of the old Can-Can skirts of Paris, and this poem developed from that idea.  Thank you for coming by to read! Camellia, Your fringe unfolds, You energetic dancer. Your petticoats Do curtsies, swirls. Your stamens kick, in answer. …

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Riverside Luminaria

This week Friday Fictioneers presents this lovely photo, to inspire a 100-word piece.  Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff -Fields, for running this weekly challenge, and Carla Bicomong, for use of the picture.  I strayed a little, from a literal interpretation of the photo, this time, but stuck with the paper lantern theme...For those of you who don't know, Riverside is …

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