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I wrote three poems this week.

The first poem is called Witches. It's my rendition of what feminism might have looked like before the modern age.

The second poem, This Dish, is a poem of discontent, by a person who feels they are being treated unfairly. Sorry about the rather unappetizing picture.

The third poem is called The Present. It has to do with the rather arduous task of trying to cheer someone else up, but meeting with no success.

Everyone gets busy during the holidays, and I'm sure this year will be no different. Visit whenever you can.

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A somewhat blurry full moon on a dark night. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is perfectly suited for the full moon skies we are experiencing at present. Not exactly a Halloween poem, this was inspired by a story on JSTOR called Feminism's Hidden Spiritual Side. It outlined how early feminists, disgruntled by the male slant of existing religions, often dabbled in non-patriarchal spiritual practices, including Theosophy, Spiritualism and Paganism. Now, I am …

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This Dish

A dish of sushi. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem reveals the discontent of the long-suffering. I'm sure we all feel this way, sometimes. Thanks for coming by to read. Why is it, that the is that is Is what it is, today? Why is it, that the is that is It is, it is so gray? Why, tell me, must I scrape and bend And play pretend …

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The Present

A past-it's-prime pumpkin slowly moldering on a porch. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A hundred words are not enough To say what I would say. A hundred words are not enough To wipe your tears away. The milk is sour. The bread is stale. The mirror's surface, blotched. Your energy has left you, And your slightest move is watched. Your bright success is going dim, Your proud attempts, forgotten. Your wrinkles seem more …

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Unripe passion flower hanging on a vine. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes a garden I just visited in November in Florida. Fall is one of two extremely prolific growing seasons in Florida, the other being Spring. Each holds its own delights. Hope you enjoy this tapestry. Thanks for coming by to read! Globular yellow fruit, Pendant and raw, Puddles of passionfruit Drip down my jaw. Mounting the camphor tree, …

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This Way

This Way
This poem is a political one, fair warning. It just seems to me, that things are becoming more and more unhinged as time goes on, with unthinkable things happening daily. A crowd of immigrants on the Belarus border getting frostbite because Poland won't let them in, because, according to Poland, Belarus staged this humanitarian crisis to get back at the …

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