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Halloween Spooky Poems Issue 2021
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October 27, 2021
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Make way for the many sinister short stories, precarious poems and eerie essays that will be coming your way each Saturday! The ten poems below definitely fit into that category, anyway. Don't worry, most of my work has a more positive bent.

This special Halloween edition, with links to my ten scariest poems, should get you in the mood for Halloween. Have a wonderful holiday!

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The Spookiest Poems from

For Random

Learning Comes

The Kiss

{This dark poem came to me the day after Christmas, rather inappropriately. It would have been much more suitable for Halloween. Oh well. It was inspired by a flash fiction written by Reena Saxena last week, for Friday Fictioneers. I hope she will not mind my expounding on the theme.} Close to the ghost Of a wide-eyed woman, Who …

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The Deadliest Day (December 2,2020)

This poem came to me, after hearing Jon Lemire on Morning Joe (MSNBC) list the statistics for December 2, 2020, for coronavirus in the United States. He used the exact phrase "the deadliest day for Americans." I have included the stats in the poem below and hope against hope, that they will go down rapidly, going forward. I hope …

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Winter's Toll

As you may already know, I lost my father last year after a lengthy hospital stay, and I spent far too much time in hospital rooms, including this ICU room,last summer and fall. He passed from other causes, before COVID was on anyone's radar. But two weeks ago I found myself once again, fearfully sitting at the bedside, in the …

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Maid, Mother, Crone

Like many poems I write, this one started with a rhythm. I suppose you could say it is the rhythm of life, as girls grow up into womanhood and beyond. I hope that girls out there, whatever their current stage of life, and whatever their choices have been, will enjoy this bucolic poem, set in a simpler, but no …

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The Other Side

{This is a sing-song-y little rhyme I came up with, while driving. I finally had to pull over, and write it down, when it got too long to remember. Hope you enjoy it. "Gespenst," in German, means spectre, or ghost. The poem just sounded better, using that word. The picture reminded me of the mound created, by an overgrown …

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Too Dark

{This poem was written in the middle of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, one of the few for which we have had to resort to plywood, to board up our windows. I tried to give you a feeling for what it is like, to sit in the dark when the power is out, waiting for the hurricane to come. …

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Good Fortune

It's that time of year again! I woke up dreaming about a hurricane, escaping its wrath at the last possible moment. I remember realizing that others in our party were not so lucky. The coastline in my dream was not smooth and sandy, like in Florida. It was cold and rocky, with high boulders and crashing waves, like something …

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Here is my first Coronavirus-inspired poem, written in early March 2020, before COVID had really hit our area, and all was wild imaginings and supposition. The picture reminds me of the almost garish red floral look of the virus, when seen under a microscope. That image has been splashed alongside every virus-related news item for almost a year. And …

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Saints Day

{I publish this on Saint Patrick's Day, March 17th. This is a day celebrated throughout the US, with great festivities, parades, carousing, and toasting, by those descended from Irish immigrants, and also by those who just love to carouse. The holiday this year seems, by contrast, more somber. Parades have been cancelled, bars and restaurants, closed to large gatherings, …

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A bunch of white azaleas and purple and yellow irises against a girl's black camisole. Copyright Andrea LeDew

Superior Haunting

This poem is a love song to my sister. She and my brother and I recently went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, along Lake Superior, for a scattering of my parent's ashes. When people live far away, it's easy to slide into a habit of benign neglect. To fail to call. To fail to visit. We hurt people …

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A bar lit with neon with a blue glow along the rows of bottles. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
Hurricane lilies, a variety of golden spider lily, blooming over a landscape timber. Copyright Andrea LeDew.