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I wrote two poems this week.

The first poem is called Regrets. It's a science fiction ballad about an elder astronomer, discussing the imminent death of the sun with his own son.

The second poem, Despairing, is a writer's rant about the unfairness of the publishing world. Perhaps it will ring true for some of you.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving feast, if you celebrate that particular holiday. We had a wonderful time out by the fire on one of the few chilly evenings we are permitted in this part of the country.

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Sunset with reddish feathery clouds and trees silhouetted against it. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem came to me while driving into a very reddish sunset. At first, I thought it was a short story, some kind of science fiction about the end of the world. But the repetition and rhyme were too insistent. Hope you enjoy this story-poem, and take from it a lesson or two. Thanks for coming by to read. The …

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A lovely Gustav Klimt motif Swatch watch I received as a gift, against a swirly paisly prrinted coaster with the same color pallette. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
Warning: rant enclosed. This poem is about the despair a modern writer may feel, in this age of electronic communication and very accurate search engines. At the same time that a writer desires to share his or her work with the world, he or she is stymied by this notion: most publishers demand that a work be "unpublished" in order …

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A somewhat blurry full moon on a dark night. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is perfectly suited for the full moon skies we are experiencing at present. Not exactly a Halloween poem, this was inspired by a story on JSTOR called Feminism's Hidden Spiritual Side. It outlined how early feminists, disgruntled by the male slant of existing religions, often dabbled in non-patriarchal spiritual practices, including Theosophy, Spiritualism and Paganism. Now, I am …

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This Dish

A dish of sushi. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem reveals the discontent of the long-suffering. I'm sure we all feel this way, sometimes. Thanks for coming by to read. Why is it, that the is that is Is what it is, today? Why is it, that the is that is It is, it is so gray? Why, tell me, must I scrape and bend And play pretend …

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The Present

A past-it's-prime pumpkin slowly moldering on a porch. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A hundred words are not enough To say what I would say. A hundred words are not enough To wipe your tears away. The milk is sour. The bread is stale. The mirror's surface, blotched. Your energy has left you, And your slightest move is watched. Your bright success is going dim, Your proud attempts, forgotten. Your wrinkles seem more …

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