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Valentines Day Issue 2021
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February 14, 2022

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Surprise, surprise: this issue is centered around love poems, but I will try to keep it from becoming too saccharin.

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Poems and Posts on Love from

For Random

Learning Comes

Not So Long Ago

I'll indulge in a little romance here, for a change.  To all those fortunate enough to have found life-long partners (no matter how late in life) this one's for you! Thanks for coming by to read. It was not so long ago, When the salmon snapped In the fire's glow, On the turquoise spring We came to know, …

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A Pearl of Great Price

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson {This is in response to a photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers, run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  The task is to write 100 words, inspired by the prompt.  Thanks for the prompt and thanks for reading about my proverbial Pearl.} “Magnificent!” Pearl whispered, resting her head on Owen’s shoulder. Above the winding deck of Chez …

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Superior Haunting

This poem is a love song to my sister.  She and my brother and I recently went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, along Lake Superior, for a scattering of my parent's ashes. When people live far away, it's easy to slide into a habit of benign neglect.  To fail to call.  To fail to visit.  We hurt people …

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{This simple rhyme is for all those who are going through or have been through the wrenching experience of parting with your now-grown children.  Perhaps it is our own love for the joys of home and hearth that makes us want to keep them near!  Thanks for coming by to read!} My children soon are leaving me. They …

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Visiting Angels

Empty bench swing in the sun. Copyright Andrea LeDew
In this poem, I imagine an older person who has lost a lot of loved ones in his or her life, and how that person feels about being left behind. Thanks for coming by to read. I wonder why they leave me. I wonder why they go. I wonder why I wonder why: I’ll never, ever know. I wonder why …

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Of Roses

{This is a response to a prompt from What Pegman Saw.  Today we are visiting the island of St Helena, to which Napoleon was sent in exile, after his defeat at Waterloo.  Having just watched the new edition of Vanity Fair on Amazon Prime, I was very much in the mood for a Napoleonic saga (War and Peace ain't half …

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Bombay Deco

{This is a response to What Pegman Saw.  Today we are in Mumbai, India, known as Bombay, long ago.  I was interested to learn, in my research for this poem, that Mumbai is full of Art Deco architecture.  Mumbai has its own version of Art  Deco (known sometimes as Bombay Deco or Indo-Deco) incorporating various Indian motifs, as well as …

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{This is a response to a prompt from Friday Fictioneers.  We are to write 100 words, inspired by the photo.  My rhyme scheme,once again, took me beyond the limit to 105.  Sorry.   The prompt photo led me to look at various radiator caps/hood ornaments, designed from the 1920's through the 1960's, and placed as decorations or marks of distinction and …

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The Enclosed Garden

{This poem is in the style of "The Owl and the Pussycat" or "The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat," both in rhyme scheme and in the unlikely pairings.  This was obviously suggested to me, by my daughter Madelaine LeDew's beautiful print.  Her own artwork was at least partially inspired, by a line from the the Song of …

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Sixty Years

{This is a response to Friday Fictioneers, a photograph-inspired 100-word weekly prompt.  I'm afraid I went over the limit, by five words:  I could not make the rhythm work, without them.  Forgive me.   This collection of black-and-white and sepia pictures seemed to me, to evoke the story of a long marriage.  My parents' own marriage lasted just short of …

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