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This week I have two new poems to offer.

The first poem is called Conceivably. I find the word "conceivably" is primarily used when something would be nice to do, but you have no intention whatsoever of actually doing it.

The voice in this poem muses about the delights of traveling far away and never coming back. After a moment or two, lost in her imagination, she comes back down to Earth. A place where, she discovers, she is very happy to be.

The second poem is called Worthy, and deals with the problem of what to do, when you experience a windfall. Whether it's an unexpected promotion, a gift, or the reins of power, such endowments tend to lay bare the character of the receiver. It is very hard to prove yourself worthy of such good fortune. Some do better than others.

The week has been an eventful one, with all that is going on in Ukraine and the reactions of people here, to the uncertainty that war brings in its wake.

I find myself disappointed, but in a very Pooh-like way. I want our country to do more to help, so I think and I think, but I can't think of a better way for them to act, without triggering something horrible.

It proves once again that democracy's worst enemy is anyone who has no regard for democracy. And its best protectors are those who think it's worth protecting, no matter what the cost. We can see both types in the current conflict.

If the Ukraine situation pulls at your heart strings too, be sure to read or re-read the third poem below, Choice, filled with stirring images from the past weeks' news. The fifth poem, The World Police, suggests a way the US could act, if it chose to do so.

Finally, it is important to remind ourselves that only certain outrages seem to bother us. Others never make the headlines. Why is that?

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The surface of a body of still water, with weeds in the shallows and the sun's reflection bisecting it. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes the all-too-human urge to leave it all behind, even when we know that what we've got is pretty special.

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A bouquet in blue and white on a brick fireplace mantel. Bouquet by Madelaine LeDew. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is about sudden changes in fortune or status, and how people react to them, in an attempt to prove themselves worthy.

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A hazy view of the skyscrapers of downtown Jacksonville, from across the river. By Andrea LeDew.
A poem containing images from the reporting about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which all feel a little too close to home.

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A robotics competition with various robots in a playing area. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem muses on the future of employment.

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The World Police

The World Police
This patriotic poem urges us to act in the best traditions of the US, in times of need.

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