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This week I wrote three poems. Don't ask me what got into me, I don't know.

The first, called The Price, might get me accused of navel gazing, which in my case is no small feat. But I feel poets get a bad rap, and often are not recognized, for their deep and often original consideration of subjects that the rest of us would much rather ignore.

My second poem, continuing in the introspective vein, is called Prayer for a Caretaker. As we all know, many people (predominantly women) watch over the vulnerable and keep them from harm.

Whether it is our connection to an aged parent, or to a son or daughter, who somehow stands out from the rest, or some other connection, professional or educational or scientific that leads such people to care for others, we owe a debt of gratitude to them. They hand over a good portion of their lives, often with meager or no pay, for another's sake. That kind of selflessness is to be prized, and I hate to think where we'd be without it.

My third poem is called Chicken Little. I'm sure you probably know the fairy tale of the chick who claimed the sky was falling. I was noticing how easily people seem to reach for the most extreme terms to express their opinions, these days. And this is my poem suggesting that maybe we should all think, before we panic.

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The Price

Piles of coins for counting against a toile tablecloth. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is pretty simple and self-explanatory, but all the while it asks deep questions we all struggle to answer. Perhaps the poetic side of our nature is there for a reason. Thanks for coming by to read! What are the number of leagues Between our views, Do you suppose? Only a poet Only a poet Only a poet knows. …

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Prayer for a Caretaker

Pink roses in a bouquet designed by Madelaine LeDew, their caretaker. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem was inspired by a post on a FaceBook group I belong to, composed of those who caretake for those with disabilities, usually children. The post talked about shielding our charges from evil, and I had never really heard it put that way. It sounded almost biblical in its import. The poem is voiced by the person being taken …

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Chicken Little

Dried bouquet on a mantelpiece. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
I came up with this poem while reading the stock market news. There, I found an article about the different levels of dips and dives the market takes, from corrections, to bear markets, to crashes. The article contained a colorful phrase, describing the stock market of March 2020, as "swooning." From the market, we expect swings of fortune, from panic …

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The Weight of Words

A faint gray silhouette of a tree's branches as seen through white miniblinds. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
In my recent readings, I came across an image showing Vainglory and Pride as two separate depictions, two separate entities. (Image before the last chapter, depicting a mural in a 13th century tower in Siena, Italy, in The Square and the Tower, by Niall Ferguson.) I always thought of the two as being the same thing. So I undertook a …

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To Search

A pair of binoculars, hanging inside in the frame of an outdoor window, with an adirondack chair and firepit outside. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
I wrote this poem with the typical complaint of smalltime bloggers or website owners in mind. This is a complaint, not a cry for help. I mean to say that there is something wrong, when the system's complexity obfuscates the very purpose it was meant for. Also, to see what a very long way the internet still has to go, …

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