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This week I wrote two simple poems, which speak rather belatedly (in that Mother's Day was two weeks ago) to the love between life-partners and to a mother's love for her child, respectively.

The first poem is called Porch Swing and it takes us on a journey through the many years of a happy, committed relationship. I hope that you have had some taste of the kind of joy such a bond can bring.

The second poem, Lovely, shows us a mother urging her grown child to spread his or her wings and fly.

If you have a family like ours with all the children grown and wondering what to do next, you'll relate to this one.

We have a rather abrupt parting coming up soon, and as much as I rejoice for my daughter's good fortune, I also mourn my own loss of her company.

But sometimes the journey our children undergo as young adults is more subtle than a physical trip. It may just involve them embracing, unreservedly, their own strengths and inclinations. This sometimes involves just as much courage.

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Porch Swing

A porch swing. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem recounts a life-long love while swinging on a porch swing.

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Lovely: A Mother's Blessing

Pastel bouquet by Madelaine LeDew surrounded by kitchen items including a plate with a sailing ship on it. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is a mother's blessing as her child embarks upon a journey into the wider world to seek self-fulfillment, work, and happiness.

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Litmus Test

Two red tomatoes in a blue ceramic basket-weave bowl. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem questions the wisdom of allowing a single test to divide us into opposing camps of red and blue.

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Clump of apostle iris blooming around Easter. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This is a poem about change when change is needed and one of the best changes is a change in location, or transplant.

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Orange agapanthus, looking regal with pride of place above the water spigot. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about the intrusion of one sovereign state upon the territory of another, and about how the peace of our world is built upon this fragile concept of sovereignty. By Andrea LeDew.

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