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Hello again, after a month of silence! Things got rather hectic around here and there was no way to keep up with this newsletter while dealing with that mess, so my hiatus ended up lasting a bit longer than expected.

I hope you enjoyed any spring holidays you might have celebrated! We enjoyed Easter with the family and still have leftovers two weeks later ( might be time to throw those away I guess...)

This week I have three new poems to share. Two are inspired by world events and the third by personal ones.

The first poem is personal. We have made some big changes in the past few weeks so this rings true with me. The poem is called Transplant, and it compares life changes to the act of transplanting a plant to a larger pot or to the garden so it can grow and prosper. It is often not until we escape the confines of our narrow lives, that we realize what we are missing!

The second poem is called Sovereign, and it is inspired by the recent Russian infringement on Ukraine's sovereignty. I play on the various meanings of the word sovereign-- from royalty, to a state's autonomy, to the coin of the realm. In any case, a commodity to be respected.

The third poem, Control, comes from even further away. It is about China's battle to control its latest wave of COVID and the great lengths it is willing to go to (unlike us) to try to keep its nation COVID-free. The first line of the poem is from a statement made recently by the President of China to his people. The words, even after translation, sound strange to American ears, especially as other people fight for Freedom in the context of Ukraine.

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Thanks again for your continued readership and support. It means a lot to me.

Have a great week!


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Clump of apostle iris blooming around Easter. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This is a poem about change when change is needed and one of the best changes is a change in location, or transplant.

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Orange agapanthus, looking regal with pride of place above the water spigot. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about the intrusion of one sovereign state upon the territory of another, and about how the peace of our world is built upon this fragile concept of sovereignty. By Andrea LeDew.

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An old fashioned ornate metal door handle with a skeleton key lock. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem deals with China's recent efforts to control the slippery coronavirus in its latest iteration, through lockdowns and quarantines.

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Summer Playground

A tourist boat on a stretch of green water on a sunny day, floating over a shipwreck . Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem laments the destruction of Mariupol, in Ukraine, and fears the worst for the rest of the country.

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Happy poppies on a dusty mantle. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
In this poem about Ukraine's predicament, a leader challenges the insinuations of well-meaning do-gooders that he should be grateful, even though the help rendered has not lessened his country's peril.

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