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Sorry for the late-in-the-day publication of this issue--the sixtieth! This week has been heavy on reality and short on fiction and poetry, but I managed to make a quick silly poem for a late newsletter today.

The poem is called Container Garden, but it has nothing to do with gardens per se, but rather with what we do with all the containers we have collected as a result of everyday living. A container garden, in the usual sense, is a garden full of potted plants, rather than those in the ground.

I am poking fun at my generation a bit. Ours is a generation which prides itself on recycling more than our parents, and yet has proved relatively inept at preventing big environmental disasters like climate change. Lest I sound too environmentally preachy, remember I am a culprit too, and not blameless in the least.

Anyway I hope you will not have "wasted" your time reading this poem.

If you are new to the newsletter, I am so glad you're here! You may want to read a poem inspired by an old friend who remarked upon the difficulties of leaving a faith community. It's called Lapsed and it is the final poem in the list below.

Stay cool out there!


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Container Garden

The contents of a recycle bin. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is voiced by a proud recycler of my generation, who does his or her duty and yet vaguely realizes, that while collecting recyclables may be enough to assuage his or her guilt, it is not nearly enough, to make a dent in the underlying problem.

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Chalk Dust

View through a airplane window, across the tarmac of Newark, NJ airport, as storm clouds dump a column of rain onto the New York City skyline. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This is an airport poem. We spent some time enjoying the delights of the Newark, NJ airport this past week, after a lovely sojourn with my relatives in the Philly area. This is an airport poem in the sense that it was composed in an airport, mask on, surrounded by a sea of humanity. Weather had us bumped from timeslot …

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A lovely garden in spring, riotous and full. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A morning poem questioning the concept of ownership.

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Resurrection Fern

Resurrection fern on an oak tree after the rain. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes the life cycle of the resurrection fern in midsummer in North Florida.

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A lighthouse that looks a bit like a small church on the shores of Lake Superior near Munising, Michigan. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about the agonies of leaving the faith of your youth when reality renders that faith implausible.

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