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A bit late in the day again with my newsletter. My apologies.
The summer is quite conducive to lazy days and sleeping in. And my website threw a tantrum.

The one poem I have this week is more of a narrative poem, in which the conductor of a funicular, or cable car, traveling up a mountain, tries to alleviate any worries a passenger might have about skiing down the very difficult slope ahead.

My thinly veiled metaphor for Covid allows me many opportunities, some more raunchy than others, to poke fun at the cavalier attitude of Covid-deniers.

You might think this poorly timed, and in poor taste, since we are only now starting to feel that we might have the virus under control. I mean, Dr Fauci felt comfortable enough to resign, right? That's got to count for something! Believe me, I want to forget about Covid as much as you.

I hope you enjoy this only half-serious rhyme, but I hope that you nonetheless take appropriate precautions in your real life! A sleeping bear, after all, is still a bear.


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Have a great week!


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Black Diamond

Winter garden in North Florida with cats whiskers and hydrangea. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
In this poem an enthusiastic conductor encourages a passenger on his funicular as it groans up the mountain to a most challenging ski run.

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Until Dawn

A cup of coffee with the leaf template on a window reflected on the surface of the liquid inside. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is both a devotion to my mother and a lament as to the fate of the countless undiscovered or passed over, but worthy writers like her. By Andrea LeDew.

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Latter Day Victorians

Keyboard placed on William Morris Pimpernel patterned fabric. (William Morris& Co swatch from LA Design Concepts) Photo by Andrea LeDew.
This poem lists the ways in which we emulate our predecessors, who marveled at the new speedy technology of trains, yet clung tight to uniforms and codes of etiquette.

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Fruit on the counter with a basket. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem begins ominously, but overall has a positive message. In it, I chart the path of the survivor, from grief to acceptance to rejoicing.

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Container Garden

The contents of a recycle bin. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is voiced by a proud recycler of my generation, who does his or her duty and yet vaguely realizes, that while collecting recyclables may be enough to assuage his or her guilt, it is not nearly enough, to make a dent in the underlying problem.

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