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Another busy week and thus another late newsletter! This poem just arrived today (Sunday) in my cranial inbox, so please forgive the lack of timeliness.

It sounded like a mantra for writers, at first: a poem designed to make meek introverts such as myself dare to be bolder and louder. But then it occurred to me that it could be interpreted in other ways. See for yourself, if you get the same impression.

Early September brings a slight cooling in the early mornings. This heralds Autumn, which will only be recognizable to humans in a month or two.

Of course, the plants instinctively know when the weather turns, and begin their slow decline, or begin to perk up, as the case may be. Seeds beg to be planted, or scorn me for having missed yet another deadline on their strict schedule.

And I begin to perk up as well. I actually walked outside a bit this week, whereas my normal summer behavior is to cower in the AC. Even my daughter the gardener, who is more acclimated to the brutal summer weather than most, thinks July and August in Florida are for the birds.

I am trying hard not to say the "H" word for fear of jinxing our great good luck this year, having had such a quiet season so far. Two months to go. Fingers crossed, that our luck will continue.

I hope the cooler months ahead recharge your engines as well, after the inevitable summer malaise. And if you are one of those strange birds that actually like it hot, well, it takes all kinds. Take care and enjoy your week!


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Thanks again for your continued readership and support. It means a lot to me.

Have a great week!


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Free Speech

Two enormously tall pink water lilies, withlily pads orienting themselves toward the sun, in the pond at Asiatic garden at Chanticleer Pleasure Garden outside Philadelphia PA. By Andrea LeDew.
This schizophrenic poem urges writers to be bold, praises free speech, calls on us to be more circumspect in what we say, and demands we drown out those we disagree with.

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Black Diamond

Winter garden in North Florida with cats whiskers and hydrangea. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
In this poem an enthusiastic conductor encourages a passenger on his funicular as it groans up the mountain to a most challenging ski run.

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Until Dawn

A cup of coffee with the leaf template on a window reflected on the surface of the liquid inside. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is both a devotion to my mother and a lament as to the fate of the countless undiscovered or passed over, but worthy writers like her. By Andrea LeDew.

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Latter Day Victorians

Keyboard placed on William Morris Pimpernel patterned fabric. (William Morris& Co swatch from LA Design Concepts) Photo by Andrea LeDew.
This poem lists the ways in which we emulate our predecessors, who marveled at the new speedy technology of trains, yet clung tight to uniforms and codes of etiquette.

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Fruit on the counter with a basket. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem begins ominously, but overall has a positive message. In it, I chart the path of the survivor, from grief to acceptance to rejoicing.

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