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I did manage to write one rather long poem this week, after being completely fallow the week before. The weather is finally turning a bit, following a long, dull and wretchedly hot few months, most of which saw me locked away inside.

The change in temperature gave me the courage to walk outside a bit. The poem I wrote, Historic, is a series of disjointed impressions from my walk through a(n) historic part of town.

In the rhyme, I use my dubious powers of telepathy to read the sights and sounds and people, whether seen or imagined. This poem allows you to see the area through the rather cloudy filter of my own mind. To what extent the images resemble reality is anyone's guess.

Hope you enjoy the poem, and that you, too, have a chance to stretch your legs, as the weather becomes more amenable to such things.



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Have a great week!


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Early morning over the St Johns River in Jacksonville, FL. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem recounts sights and sounds on an early morning walk through an historic neighborhood on the St John's River in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Free Speech

Two enormously tall pink water lilies, withlily pads orienting themselves toward the sun, in the pond at Asiatic garden at Chanticleer Pleasure Garden outside Philadelphia PA. By Andrea LeDew.
This schizophrenic poem urges writers to be bold, praises free speech, calls on us to be more circumspect in what we say, and demands we drown out those we disagree with.

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Black Diamond

Winter garden in North Florida with cats whiskers and hydrangea. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
In this poem an enthusiastic conductor encourages a passenger on his funicular as it groans up the mountain to a most challenging ski run.

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Until Dawn

A cup of coffee with the leaf template on a window reflected on the surface of the liquid inside. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is both a devotion to my mother and a lament as to the fate of the countless undiscovered or passed over, but worthy writers like her. By Andrea LeDew.

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Latter Day Victorians

Keyboard placed on William Morris Pimpernel patterned fabric. (William Morris& Co swatch from LA Design Concepts) Photo by Andrea LeDew.
This poem lists the ways in which we emulate our predecessors, who marveled at the new speedy technology of trains, yet clung tight to uniforms and codes of etiquette.

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