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Real life has once again pulled me away from poetry, although I did get a fair amount done on a dystopian sci fi (more fi than sci, I'll admit)short story, set four hundred years in the future, but with a "back to the future" vibe.

Anyway, my poem enclosed here, Mine, is a nature poem, set in the morning. It makes fun of the human tendency to lay claim to nature, to land, to buildings, as if those things would ever bend to a human's will. As if they did not laugh at our vanity, as they outlasted us.

Hope you enjoy the poem, and I hope you are finding ways to outlast the heat and keep up hope, in this strange time of very real and yet unexpected alternative realities (more sci than fi).


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A lovely garden in spring, riotous and full. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A morning poem questioning the concept of ownership.

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Resurrection Fern

Resurrection fern on an oak tree after the rain. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes the life cycle of the resurrection fern in midsummer in North Florida.

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A lighthouse that looks a bit like a small church on the shores of Lake Superior near Munising, Michigan. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about the agonies of leaving the faith of your youth when reality renders that faith implausible.

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Remarkably Indecent

Two decorated and easily breakable china plates. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem takes inspiration from the portrayal of character in the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson before the January 6th Committee, and asks the electorate to examine their own character or lack of it.

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A Losing Battle

A coffee cup, a newspaper an apricot and other clutter on a desktop. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes the losing battle against disorder that we all fight when trying to keep a home.

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