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You'd think in the last two weeks I would have thought of more than one poem, but not when Thanksgiving and other Christmas festivities are going on!

We had a small Thanksgiving gathering with just family and then a larger party for the Luminaria event here in Riverside. For a taste of it, read my flash fiction story Riverside Luminaria.

This week I have a thoughtful winding-down poem designed to be read after a long day. Perhaps it will help you take the exasperating pace of this time of year a bit more philosophically. Hope you enjoy an Evening Wash and the hurly-burly of the season!

If you'd like additional Christmas-y poems full of all of the emotions of this time of year, check out my 2021 Holiday newsletter.




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Evening Wash

Outdoor seating for two at night with a single flame torch. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about spending an evening washing all the ills of the world off of you, and discovering what's left.

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Evergreen wreath with a red bow hung inside on a wooden front door. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem invoking the fairy tale character of Rumpelstiltskin to describe the modern Christmas season and analyze what, if anything, has been lost.

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Who Owns My Vote?

A none too flattering close up selfie of me in my Bitter Southerner Cast More Votes Tshirt from 2020. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This Election Day 2022 poem attempts to determine ownership of a very valuable commodity: a person's vote.

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Haint Blue

An old-fashioned leather side-button baby shoe and two candlestands with handholds on a mantelpiece. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem mixes the images of a mysteriously opening door and a found baby shoe to produce a Halloween romance.

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The Swindler

The Swindler
A would-be sea shanty set in seafaring times, about a timeless pursuit--that of a swindler--and the swindler's inevitable come-uppance.

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