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I have two poems this week for your holiday pleasure, or as a distraction from the raging storm outside your door.

We actually had to cover the plants and bring our potted plants in this evening, since the weather is forecast to go into the 20's Fahrenheit tonight. I don't think that happened at all, last year. Fingers crossed that we Florida winter-novices make it through this rare coldsnap without frostbite!

The upside of the cold weather is that the camellias and roses seem to love it. Great big mops of red petals are dripping from a seven foot high camellia I see everyday. It's like Christmas on a stem.
My older poem Camellia gives you an idea of its life cycle.

This week my new poems are Bones of Christmas and A Beastly Quorum. Bones is a look at the way someone might view Christmas if it brought up feelings of depression or grief.

A Beastly Quorum is my answer to the question: what would happen, if animals got hold of Robert's Rules of Order? The second poem, as you may have guessed, is rather sillier than the first. But it also calls to mind a somber local event, the Great Fire of 1901 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Anyway, on this Christmas Eve morning, I wish you the best of holidays, whatever and whereever they may be, and I hope to see you again, by way of this newsletter, in the new year, if not sooner!

If you'd like additional Christmas poems and writings full of all of the emotions of this time of year, check out my 2021 Holiday newsletter.

Always happy to hear your thoughts!




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Bones of Christmas

A bunch of candy-cane striped tulips in a vase with white stock on a table. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem for all those we miss,and those we have trouble being with during the holidays.

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A Beastly Quorum

Urban squirrel on a porch railing. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes a meeting between beasts to decide whether certain human beings should be allowed in their neighborhood.

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Evening Wash

Outdoor seating for two at night with a single flame torch. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about spending an evening washing all the ills of the world off of you, and discovering what's left.

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Evergreen wreath with a red bow hung inside on a wooden front door. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem invoking the fairy tale character of Rumpelstiltskin to describe the modern Christmas season and analyze what, if anything, has been lost.

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Who Owns My Vote?

A none too flattering close up selfie of me in my Bitter Southerner Cast More Votes Tshirt from 2020. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This Election Day 2022 poem attempts to determine ownership of a very valuable commodity: a person's vote.

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