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I am switching to essay format this week, so give yourself a few minutes to read and relax. My essay is called Motherhood and Books. My topic is how books have come along on my journey through motherhood.
Now I need to get ready to see the Jaguars game!

Have a good week!

Motherhood and Books

A public school in the vacinity of Yardley PA with gorgeous Art Nouveau signage. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
An essay about motherhood and the books we read along the way.

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River City

View of the St John's River with Jacksonville, Florida in the background. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
An homage to the St John's river in Florida and our pitiful attempts to control it.

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Bones of Christmas

A bunch of candy-cane striped tulips in a vase with white stock on a table. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem for all those we miss,and those we have trouble being with during the holidays.

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A Beastly Quorum

Urban squirrel on a porch railing. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes a meeting between beasts to decide whether certain human beings should be allowed in their neighborhood.

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Evening Wash

Outdoor seating for two at night with a single flame torch. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about spending an evening washing all the ills of the world off of you, and discovering what's left.

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