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This week, the blog post is long and the newsletter short.

The first post attached is called A Literary Citizen, and it discusses all the ways we can and should support writers in our local communities. I know some of you are already very active literary citizens but I have not been active in that realm for quite a while, and I kind of have to talk myself into it.

The second entry this week is a spoof on the old Gilbert and Sullivan song, "Modern Major General." It is called The Very Model. In my version, a writer is bragging about his feats of literary citizenship. Hope you enjoy the silliness.

That's all for this week. See you next time around!



A Literary Citizen

A single yellow orchid bloom on a stalk with many buds ready to flower. Copyright Andrea LeDew,
This blogpost talks about the many aspects of literary citizenship, or ways to support writers near you.

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The Very Model (Parody)

A faded out-of-date globe in a corner on top of a tall bookshelf. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A parody on the song by Gilbert & Sullivan " Modern Major General," discussing aspects of literary citizenship.

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My Part

A worse for wear cherry tomato plant wilting on a deck. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is about not wanting to be bothered to take care of the things we love.

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Cell phone case with a floral pop-up support on the back, near three heart-shaped chocolates. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This extra-long sonnet "tracks" the various ways in which AI, or artificial intelligence, now invades our online lives.

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NC mountaintop view at sunset. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem is about stifled ambition and points out that no matter how hard we try to be modest, we always fail.

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