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This has been a crazy week for everyone in Florida and we were certainly biting our nails here in North Florida, as we watched our neighbors to the South (Orlando, Daytona, St Augustine)and especially to the Southwest (Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel...)get hammered. And now poor South Carolina gets a taste of Ian too. For such times was the phrase "There but for the grace of God go I" created.

Not until this morning did we know that storm surge would be minimal in our area. The winds came through on Wednesday and Thursday but mostly just tossed down nosegays of oak leaves and twigs to decorate our far too empty deck.

We have a bit of yardwork to do this weekend, but otherwise we were very lucky. That fact did not of course prevent me from being glued to the Weather Channel for three days straight.

Somehow I still managed to create a poem. Mostly inspired by the short tempers which accompany stressful occasions like Category 4 hurricanes threatening to arrive on your doorstep, it has more to do with relationships than weather.

In my poem Teacher's Pet, I imagine a couple. One is dominant and no nonsense and driven, while the other is less practical and dreamy and idle. As such, the dreamer is completely unable to live up to the doer's high expectations, especially in a situation of extreme stress. This dynamic, to me, is much like the poorest student in the class trying in vain to become the teacher's pet.

Hope all of you are safe and well and will dig deep in your pockets to help those in need in the rest of Florida.



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Tilted Art Deco style facade of Regal movie theater in Jacksonville FL. Copyright Andrea LeDew,
This poem sets forth the dismay of a poet who writes in rhyme, in an age when few appreciate it.

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Teacher's Pet

Willowbranch Creek near the St John's River, Jacksonville, FL.. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes the storm created by the confluence of two personalities at cross purposes

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Early morning over the St Johns River in Jacksonville, FL. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem recounts sights and sounds on an early morning walk through an historic neighborhood on the St John's River in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Free Speech

Two enormously tall pink water lilies, withlily pads orienting themselves toward the sun, in the pond at Asiatic garden at Chanticleer Pleasure Garden outside Philadelphia PA. By Andrea LeDew.
This schizophrenic poem urges writers to be bold, praises free speech, calls on us to be more circumspect in what we say, and demands we drown out those we disagree with.

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Black Diamond

Winter garden in North Florida with cats whiskers and hydrangea. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
In this poem an enthusiastic conductor encourages a passenger on his funicular as it groans up the mountain to a most challenging ski run.

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