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One poem, which I send on to you, was birthed by this week's Midterm election . I hope that you managed to scrape through our biennial self-inflicted turmoil without any major injuries.

While much of the country retained or acquired a bluish or purplish hue, Florida stayed painted a solid red. In North Florida this is the color we expect.

This poem, Who Owns My Vote? is nonpartisan. It has more to do with just utilizing your vote, than with wielding it as a bludgeon against your foe.

We are all in this election process together, collaborating and comingling our opinions in a sort of grand mediation or arbitration. We compromise our positions only begrudgingly, and muddle along, without the help of a skilled facilitator, until we reach the outcome. It's a wonder we don't come to blows every year.

My NaNoWriMo (November Novel Writing Month) plans have been befuddled by real life this week but I did manage to eke out a bit over 2000 words on two separate projects. I also received two rejection letters this past month, which, as I understand it, brings me 98 rejection letters closer to acceptance.

Hope you enjoy the poem. For a taste of what we face in this red state, you may also want to read Frat Boy.



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Who Owns My Vote?

A none too flattering close up selfie of me in my Bitter Southerner Cast More Votes Tshirt from 2020. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This Election Day 2022 poem attempts to determine ownership of a very valuable commodity: a person's vote.

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Haint Blue

An old-fashioned leather side-button baby shoe and two candlestands with handholds on a mantelpiece. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem mixes the images of a mysteriously opening door and a found baby shoe to produce a Halloween romance.

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The Swindler

The Swindler
A would-be sea shanty set in seafaring times, about a timeless pursuit--that of a swindler--and the swindler's inevitable come-uppance.

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Tilted Art Deco style facade of Regal movie theater in Jacksonville FL. Copyright Andrea LeDew,
This poem sets forth the dismay of a poet who writes in rhyme, in an age when few appreciate it.

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Teacher's Pet

Willowbranch Creek near the St John's River, Jacksonville, FL.. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes the storm created by the confluence of two personalities at cross purposes

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