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This week I have another meta poem, focussed on the process of writing and reading as practiced in the modern day. In Treatment, I contrast this with the slower pace of "content creation" (is there a cringier expression?) in the olden days. Does a slower pace indicate more thought was put into the process in the past? Judge for yourself!

It just occurred to me that the use of the word "treatment" to title my "analysis" of modern and more dated methods of writing might be a relic of my recent obsession with podcasts on Psychoanalysis, both Jungian and Freudian.

My favorites at the moment are "This Jungian Life" and "Berlin Psychoanalytic." Fascinating shows both of them! I've always been interested in reading about the Vienna Fin-de-siecle period. And the interplay of art, history, symbols and the recesses of the human mind is irresistable. I find my laundry folding goes much more quickly when accompanied by these fascinating podcasts.

I'm probably going to skip a few weeks coming up, so see you on the other side!

That's all for this week. See you next time around!




A rose plant struggling to thrive at the edge of a public sidewalk. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem describes the way writing is handled these days, and recommends a gentler treatment.

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A freestanding clock in downtown Jacksonville, FL in front of Jacob's Jewelers, a business that has been in operation in that spot since 1927, and is now closing. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem describing how we pay our debts to the generation that precedes us and to those who come after.

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Maxwell house coffee plant in Jacksonville, FL as seen from the Main Street Bridge. Large tipped coffee cup on side of building with a drip hanging from lip of cup. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about discipline, a quality we may neglect to our detriment.

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The End

An Easter basket with chocolate eggs and bunnies on a toile tablecloth. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem in reaction to the failure of various banks this week, and the fear of more excitement to come.

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Books gathered on an arm chair. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This essay discusses different ways authors are pressured into changing their words.

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