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Now that it's been over a week since I got home, more of my travel poems have been put up on the site for your reading pleasure.

My first entry is For a New Old King. This is a coronation poem. While we were in Britain, the coronation occurred, which triggered bank holidays and bunting galore. But it also found me spending the morning of one day on the Isle of Wight, glued to a projection from someone's laptop in the lobby of the Royal Hotel.

Slowing down to watch this once in a lifetime (literally, for many of us) occurence, after more than 50 years of one queen in Britain, produced this poem of wonder and awe and questioning. It is voiced by a plodding, prosaic American who has never seen anything like it outside of the movies.

The picture, you may recognize, is a ceiling in Brighton Pavilion, an over the top royal homage to India and the Orient (when we still called it that), by a king who never made it to either place.

The next travel poem gives my first impressions of the Isle of Wight after getting off the ferry and driving to our hotel. It speculates about what it must be like to be young and confined on an island with water all around. Fortunately, I have the great good luck of living on a peninsula, with only three sides on the water!

The next rhythmic poem, Ups and Downs, tries to convey driving and riding on unfamiliar, narrow, twisty-turny and sometimes clifftop roads, with no control over what is happening, or over the countrywide choice to travel on the wrong side of the road. Just joking.

A fourth new poem is called Tomorrowland, and it describes flying over the patch of sky where night turns into day, and today into tomorrow.I hope you enjoy them all!

As for the trip, I have yet to write any blogpposts about it. I did organize my thoughts and realize just how many places of significance we had somehow packed into less than 20 days. But I'm still too busy basking in the reverie, I think, to put it in words just yet.

It is definitely true, that travel has a way of recharging your batteries and helping you see things through a new lens. That freshness is something we both needed.

Just turning Life's demands off for a moment allowed us to hear the birds, enjoy the gardens, appreciate the artwork and enjoy the company of convivial strangers, who by the end of the trip weren't strangers at all.

That's all for this week. See you next time around!



For a New Old King

An over the top ceiling in Brighton Royal Pavilion, a lavish former residence of kings and queens. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A description of the coronation of King Charles III, as seen on TV by American tourists while in England, expressing a mixture of awe and concern.

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Isle of Wight

Ventnor, isle of Wight, bench on wall overlooking the sea. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
Impressions and conjecture on the Island life.

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Ups and Downs

The shore in Hastings,in the South of England,just at the East end of town. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem imitates the ups and downs of driving in a hilly place, and travel in general.

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Picture of the crack of dawn, taken through a plane window over the plane's wing. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about traveling across the Atlantic toward the rising sun on a redeye.

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Kitchen Care

Loft window and table of small kitchen. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about kitchen maintenance and missing your own kitchen.

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