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This week the newsletter is full of travel posts. The first three installments of my series Travelogue England April-May 2023, about the three-week trip I recently took to the South of England with my husband, are below.

Unfortunately, though they published consecutively on the blog, the list below shows them in reverse order. You will want to start with Introduction and then read Adventure and then read The Flight.

I don't pretend to be a proficient traveler or expert on any of the subjects discussed here. But I do enjoy traveling and haven't done it in a long time, so the event must be commemorated, even if at your expense.

Much of this writing is simply to preserve the memory for myself. But I hope you will get something out of it too.

Each segment is about 1,000-1200 words, so a bit longer than my regular fare. And after three posts I only got as far as the flight there. Expect tangential musings a-plenty!

Hope to have more by next newsletter. And future travel posts should have more photos!

Happy reading!



Travelogue England April-May 2023: The Flight

View out a plane window as the sun is just beginning to make color on the horizon at sunrise. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This travel piece describes an eight-hour plane flight to England from Orlando, Florida.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Adventure

Beware of Venomous Snakes Warning Sign on chain link fence at rest stop on the way to Orlando. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This travel post explains why a trip to England after such a long period of being grounded, felt like an adventure.

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Travelogue England April-May 2023: Introduction

Jane Austens House from the road. It is a thatched roof brick house with wisteria and UK penants for the coronation. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This post introduces a series of posts about a trip to England in April and May of 2023 by explaining what went before.

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Fourth Grade

Purple lilacs blooming at Carisbrooke Castle garden on the Isle of Wight. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
An essay about a fourth grader's innocence and the loss of it.

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Poetry Reading

Graveyard at Chawton House where Jane Austen's brother lived, on a rainy day. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This poem examines the poet's work, alone and in concert, and how it benefits others, who may not necessarily appreciate the help.

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