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A slow week. Not much going on. But didn't I hear that someone famous got indicted?


This week's poem Discipline hearkens back to a time of hard work and sacrifice, and suggests, that we might want to cultivate a quality that served previous generations well. Channeling my inner doomsday preacher again, I suppose.

That's all for this week. See you next time around!




Maxwell house coffee plant in Jacksonville, FL as seen from the Main Street Bridge. Large tipped coffee cup on side of building with a drip hanging from lip of cup. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem about discipline, a quality we may neglect to our detriment.

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The End

An Easter basket with chocolate eggs and bunnies on a toile tablecloth. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem in reaction to the failure of various banks this week, and the fear of more excitement to come.

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Books gathered on an arm chair. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
This essay discusses different ways authors are pressured into changing their words.

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An array of tools on a desktop, including a compass, a magnifying glass, a ruler, a USB stick, a microphone and a keyboard. Copyright Andrea LeDew.
A poem recasting the adage about the hammer and the nail in a modern setting.

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A Literary Citizen

A single yellow orchid bloom on a stalk with many buds ready to flower. Copyright Andrea LeDew,
This blogpost talks about the many aspects of literary citizenship, or ways to support writers near you.

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