For Random Learning Comes is meant to be a place for homeschooling parents and parents of kids with special needs to contemplate their experience and leave refreshed.  I hope the things I share from my experience will resonate with you and make your journey that much more pleasant.

My name is Andrea, and I homeschool two teenage sons, one with autism.  They have two older sisters who attended public school and are in college and working, respectively.   Our children have many activities and pursuits, including ninja moves, movie trivia, anime and mangas, and organic gardening.

I’m a transplanted Midwesterner in a climate that is much too hot.  I spent time in Germany and in law school.  I’m  fond of TV mysteries, Victorian novels, and Swiss chocolate, as well as big old houses with beautiful gardens.  I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Please contact Andrea at aledew@comcast.net if you have any questions or concerns.